5 Top Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

5 Top Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice 2

Just 15 minutes of yoga a day can alter your brain chemistry and boost your mood.

Studies have shown that yoga can decrease the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone, which in turn can improve your overall health. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, it’s easy to squeeze in just 15 minutes of yoga practice a day. Here are 5 reasons why it will be worth it:

1. Increase Your Energy

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Just a few minutes of yoga every day will provide that much-needed energy boost in our busy lives and will keep us fresh for longer. Yoga, with its unique cooperation of body and breathwork, is perfect when your reserves are running low.

 2. Reduce Stress

Daily yoga practice will awaken the main energy centers (called chakras) in your body. Great poses for extra energy are those that extend the spine, such as the tree pose, allowing energy to circulate throughout the whole body and poses that open the chest, like the cobra pose, encouraging the intake of more breath.

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Many workplaces now offer lunch-time yoga sessions because it’s been shown that yoga is an amazing stress buster. Any yoga practice, even a short daily one, should be made up of three elements; poses, breathing, and meditation.

Studies have shown that those people who regularly practice all three elements are better able to regulate their heart-rate variability (HRV). This means that their heart rate is lower, giving the body the ability to respond to stress in a more flexible way.

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Are you coping with so much stress that it’s keeping you awake at night? Studies have shown that practicing daily yoga can reduce insomnia. When experiencing insomnia, practice relaxing asanas or postures, such as forward fold (uttanasana) or lying on your back with your feet up the wall.


3. Be happier

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Relaxing yoga poses such as the forward fold or lying on your back with your feet up the wall can calm both your body and mind.

Adding a few yoga poses to your daily routine can make you an emotionally stronger and happier person. A recent study has shown that practicing regular yoga and meditation results in higher serotonin levels (the happiness hormone).

The same study showed that long-term yoga practitioners have more mass in the areas of the brain associated with contentment.

To put it simply, just 15 minutes of yoga a day can start changing your brain chemistry and improving your mood.

4. Weight loss

Copy of Relaxing yoga poses can calm both your body and your mind.

You don’t have to practice Hot Yoga or be able to bend double in a yoga pose to lose weight. An everyday gentle yoga practice will fuel the metabolic system and will help burn fat, leading to weight loss. Daily yoga can also help restore the hormonal balance in your body, which can normalize your body weight.

An everyday gentle yoga practice will fuel the metabolic system and help burn fat.

Levels of cortisol, the hormone that is released in response to stress will be lowered, leading to less overeating. Daily yoga also strengthens the overall mind-body connection and helps you deal more effectively with unpleasant emotions rather than reaching for food to suppress those feelings.

5. Live longer

5 Top Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

As you now know, everyday yoga will help you increase your level of fitness, regulate your heart rate, reduce your stress levels, and make you a happier person. All those elements may add valuable years to your life.

It’s also known that yoga decreases the risk of heart disease, and it reduces the pace of your breathing which has been linked to a longer lifespan. Recent studies have shown that the meditation element of yoga might help delay the process of aging by protecting the telomeres (caps) at the end of our chromosomes, too.

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