Exercise at Home for Busy Women and Moms

Are you an overworked mom who doesn’t take an hour for herself because of a hard day’s work and caring for children?

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For a healthy fit body and a calm mind, we recommend that you start exercising at home!

When a woman becomes a mother, she puts a lot of activity and hobbies in second place, as caring for a baby takes a lot of time and energy. Despite motherhood and challenging work, it is necessary to take care of a healthy life and maintain a fit body, so exercising at home is an excellent alternative for all mothers and overworked women who currently cannot afford to visit a fitness center or enroll in a sports program.

We have prepared some great ideas for home recreation, for which you only need elastic bands for exercise, a set of arm weights, and a little time. Nevertheless, we guarantee that you will quickly notice exceptional results with regular training!

It is important to stay active

In addition to the obvious reasons why maintaining a healthy body, regular physical activity improves the quality of life and makes your mind happy, which will also be evident in your baby’s behavior. It is important to create healthy habits that match your pace of life. We don’t mean crazy exercise routines or following a demanding diet, but just incorporating small and simple changes into your daily routine.

HIIT or Tabata?

Tabata is an exercise routine that you can perform every day and lasts for about twenty minutes, depending on your plan. It consists of a four-minute warm-up, a ten-minute explosive series of exercises, and a four-minute strength exercises. You have a minute to rest during each part of the workout. It is a short but extremely effective exercise that will stimulate your metabolism, and at the same time, you will burn about as many calories in this brief time as on a one-hour jog. We recommend that you consider arm weights and a kettlebell for muscle toning. A great online program that allows you to reshape your body in 12 weeks with the help of HIIT exercise was put together by Australian Kayla Itsines.

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Yoga is a first-class exercise that will strengthen both body and mind. You can do it on your own, and combined with more dynamic activities, it’s a fantastic way to regenerate muscle. You can find many simple exercises online that emphasize strengthening the body after childbirth, or meditative exercises that will calm you down after a hard day’s work. Don’t forget a comfortable yoga mat that will give your body excellent support.


Pilates is also a top-notch muscle tone workout, especially after childbirth. When performing more demanding exercises, you can help yourself with an elastic resistance band, which can be used to perform a variety of exercises to strengthen the legs and abdominal muscles. In the plank position, you will employ the muscles of the whole body, and for advanced training, you can even think of an exercise ball.

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Plank position

Home fitness center

If you want to gain muscle mass, we recommend that you get some basic gym equipment and turn your living room or garden into a mini fitness station. The stepper is a great device for strengthening your legs, and for the upper part of the body, get weights for the arms or a kettlebell.

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Home fitness center in the garden

Quality over quantity!

You can choose any of the suggested activities, preferably a combination of all of them, to really strengthen the whole body and take care of regeneration with yoga. However, do not forget to perform correctly, as unfortunately, you will not have a personal trainer at home to warn you of possible incorrect implementation of exercises. Quality should always take precedence over quantity, as rushing will hurt you rather than achieve results.

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