Go Barefoot on Cobblestones for a Better Health

When you walk barefoot on those rounded pebbles you end up employing the complete set of muscles involved in a human stride. This gives a better workout to your feet.

Who doesn’t love to stroll down a cobbled lane on a pleasant breezy evening? Walking on paths paved with cobblestones has an old-world charm about it that transports you to a different era altogether. But time travel isn’t the only advantage that those stones offer you. They invigorate you and soothe your mind when you go barefoot on them.

Walking on uneven pathways made of these river stones has been part of the old Chinese tradition, probably because the Chinese knew that this exercise has the effect of acupressure on the feet. When you take off your sandals to trot on those stony paths, the acupressure points of your feet are stimulated. Moreover, your soles harbor the nerve endings of many organs. So, this practice helps you connect better with those tiny nerves. All these results in pain alleviation, better sleep, and other health benefits. That’s why you have specially crafted cobblestone pathways in spas these days which offer foot reflexology therapy. The theory that these spas follow is like this: Walking on these smooth, rounded pebbles activates the reflex points of the sole ensuring smooth energy flow through the body.

Research shows that a session of barefoot walk on cobblestones is more than just a quick solution to the pain. It has other benefits too!

Regulates your blood pressure 
In research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the study participants (older adults) started walking regularly on cobblestone paths. After 2 months, with 3-4 hours of this exercise every week, their blood pressure readings were found to be lower than those walked on regular surfaces or didn’t pursue any physical activity.

Amps up fitness levels
When you walk barefoot on cobblestones, you end up employing the complete set of muscles involved in a human stride. This gives a better workout to your feet. The same study observed that, along with the fitness scores, a participant’s assessment of his or her own fitness levels also increased with this practice. When you challenge yourself by walking without your sandals on the uneven surface of a cobbled pathway, you must push yourself for finding balance. This improves your stability and speed, decreasing the effect of aging, revealed the study.

Article by: Saswati Sarkar

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